• Shinylooks is an innovative web based product for Saloon and Spa Management
  • Works with connected and disconnected modes i.e works with or without internet
  • Many modules to deal with different purposes
  • Automatic data synch up with central branch
  • Service management for saloon and Spa services
  • Branch management is to add,delete the branches
  • Inventory management is to maintian supply, track the supplier and buyer data
  • HR management to deal with loans, leaves, salary and payroll services
  • Finance management is to deal with all expense heads,daily, monthly accounts etc... all types of financial support
  • Available in monthly service model and as a single sale
  • Available with highly securable and implemented rol based authentication system

Do you run a spa or beauty salon? Do you find yourself wondering how to keep track of all the materials, appointments and various other moving parts of your business? Shivgnany has the perfect product for you.

Our single-window solution ShinyLooks will help you control the various aspects of your business from your computer. ShinyLooks is a comprehensive solution developed to help spas, salons and beauty parlors run their business efficiently and smartly. This web-based software requires no additional hardware, apart from your desktop computer. ShinyLookshas been designed to assist you with every aspect of your business.

Client management. ShinyLooks helps you provide your customers with customized services, leading to happier customers. With ShinyLooks, you can:

  • Store your customer details
  • Track their preferences and spending
  • Schedule appointments
  • Create and print receipts
  • Assign special deals and offers to specific customers
  • Take customer feedback

Service management. ShinyLooks helps you create and implement various service offerings, giving you complete control over how a service is provided at your establishment. With ShinyLooks, you can:

  • Create and define services
  • Set prices for services
  • Define employee roles within the service
  • Specify each employee’s role in a service

Inventory management. ShinyLooks helps you track the toughest aspect of running a salon or spa, the inventory. A spa has so many materials moving around that it can get tough to keep track of them all. With ShinyLooks, you can:

  • Maintain product data
  • Generate and track product requests
  • Move and track products between branches
  • Maintain supplier data
  • View a variety of reports

HR management. ShinyLooks is a comprehensive HR solution that helps you track your employee data on a variety of parameters. With ShinyLooks, you can:

  • Track and maintain employee details
  • Track and maintain leave information
  • Track and maintain loans given
  • Schedule weekly off days
  • Track and maintain training details

Finance management. ShinyLooks is a fully-features finance management tool. With ShinyLooks, you can:

  • Maintain all your expense heads
  • Maintain accounts by branch
  • Track cheques and bank accounts
  • Track and maintain payment details
  • Track and maintain daily till accounts