• Web based online training tool
  • Comes with own branding
  • Live telecast of events through their own web site
  • Can conduct multiple class at a time
  • Quality audio and video streaming
  • Can handle super administrative tasks like maintaining of classes scheduling, sme's, branch, students etc...
  • One time investment
  • 40% save in pricing as compared to CCTV
  • Appointment module can be used as 1 to 1 meeting
  • No huge machines are needed
  • 3G datacard is suffice

Sikshak is a virtual classroom software built by Shivgnany to bridge the gap between the need for training and the lack of good trainers. It is obvious that every student would like to learn from the very best trainers, but limitations of time and space mean that this is not always possible. This lag between demand and supply means that access to quality trainers is prohibitively expensive.

Through Sikshak, Shivgnany helps alleviate the problems in the delivery of quality education faced by education institutes

  • Do not compromise on quality. Run courses with a limited number of very good trainers.
  • Effective tracking of delivery
  • Scale-up quickly without compromising on quality and control.
  • Map students to study center locations
  • Map trainers to subjects.

Some of the key benefits of Sikshak are:

  • Network-based solution. Implement over the Internet or over an Intranet.
  • Real-time communication. Students and trainers communicate over video.
  • Real-time interaction. Students and trainers interact by using shared whiteboards
  • Flexible scheduling of sessions.
  • Personalized doubt clearing. Students may request and schedule time with SMEs.
  • Personalized doubt clearing. Students can post questions for SMEs to answer.
  • Supports Webcast. Conduct sessions for extend groups from one location.

Sikshak has been designed with you, the training delivery facilitator in mind. It comes with a collection of features that help you design and deliver a comprehensive course .

  • Virtual Online Classes
  • Meeting Center
  • Training Center
  • Event Center
  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Study Hour Supervison

System requirements:

  • One server to host the application.
  • Internet connection. 3G suffices. Contact us for a free demo and consultation.