In 1980, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, famously said that he wanted to put a computer on every desk and every home. That vision has come true in every facet. The computer is today as ubiquitous as the ballpoint pen was 20 years ago. As a business, the computer is not just important it is integral to your business. A well-developed application can save money and time, both of which are integral to your success.



At Shivgnany, we work with you to understand your processes and help you design a system that works to help you achieve your goals. Our team of designers and developers have a proven track record in designing and building software applications on a variety of platforms. This means that, with us, you are not limited by technology or hardware. With well-defined processes in place, we ensure that any software we build is of the highest quality. Our development process has the required checks in place to ensure that our products are error-free and fit for use.

We build solutions on a variety of platforms ranging from Microsoft technologies to Java and Unix technologies. Our experience also extends to designing and maintaining complex database systems like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. We understand that your business will grow in the coming days, so we design our software to be scalable and flexible. This allows you to add locations as required or add modules in the future as you branch out into other areas in your business.

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Is your software solution defining your business process, instead of the other way around? Your business is unique. You built it that way because you wanted to differentiate yourself from others in the market. So even in a market where there are software solutions for almost every conceivable business, you may not find one that suits your business perfectly.

At times, you may find your perfect solution across three or four different software. You could choose the best-fit solution out there, and then streamline your business process to work with it. Are you going to let a software designer, in some corner of the world, decide what is the best way for you to run your business? Apart from this, you have to think about how your software will grow to support your growing business. This growth maybe in terms of volumes, complexity or services. Your software solution must be able to keep pace with your business.

As your business evolves, Shivgnany will help you react to the changes. Through simple but effective maintenance plans, we can add new features or tweak process flows to help you benefit from fresh opportunities. At Shivgnany, we work with you to understand your business, your processes and your requirements. Armed with this information, we develop software solutions that help your do your business in the way you want.

With multiple successful projects under our belt, we are well equipped to help you design and implement a software solution that complements your business, instead of restricting it. Contact us to see how we can work together to achieve your dreams.

Web design and development The Internet has replaced the printed word, the shopping mall and the telephone, among other things. Today, it is impossible to run a business without using the Internet to deliver services to your customer. From shopping malls, to grocers, from music to video rentals, from ordering takeout to buying insurance, the Internet enables businesses to deliver innovative, customer-friendly solutions to the desktop.

However, like any tool, the Internet is useful only when used properly. Building a good website is only half the job done. It is important to build a useful and usable website. This is where Shivgnany comes in. At Shivgnany, we have a proven record of designing and building web sites that help our customers deliver peerless services to their customers. Our team of experienced web designers and developers make Shivgnany your one stop shop to build a great website. We have designed and built websites as varied as E-Commerce portals to radio stations.

Information and content management solutions from SGIT help organizations align their information management practices with their business needs and goals.

SGIT has developed a comprehensive content management model that serves as a framework for the management of all electronic and physical information assets.

Our end-to-end solutions help you improve the accuracy and quality of information, reduce corporate risk, and automate business processes.

A brand new dawn is up on us and the sun is rising on the mobile phone. The last decade has seen the mobile phone transform from an item of luxury to one of necessity. This transformation is more than just skin-deep. From being, a device that you could make phone calls and send text messages on, the mobile phone is fast becoming the primary way in which customers interact with businesses.

Smart phones are here to stay and so is doing business on the smart phone. At Shivgnany, we have the expertise and track record of building user-friendly, scalable, and highly secure mobile phone applications across various platforms like Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

With a tough economy putting pressures on margins and technology empowered customers demanding best in class service, companies are struggling to maintain profitability. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic step for companies looking to improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes, improve process efficiencies, and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills.

Today, customers want to partner with BPO vendors who can add value to their business and provide competitive differentiation. To meet this need, BPO industry is evolving from a labor arbitrage "Lift and Shift" model towards a value driven Utility model.

Shiv gnany takes a different approach to BPO relationships with our clients. We see our role as a long-term strategic partner, here to provide expert analysis and re-engineering capabilities to improve your business processes.

As your BPO provider, we will conduct a thorough business process analysis to identify pain points, wasteful steps and bottlenecks in the workflow. We will look for areas to apply industry-proven automation technologies and labor-saving enterprise content management platforms to transform inefficient paperwork processes to digital workflows that improve process accuracy, quality and security.

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